I am wondering whether it would be useful to add an infrasound detector to the Blitzortung System.

Obviously it could register the sound of thunder of a local thunderstorm and add some time information. At least for regions with high station density.

But moreover, there seems to be a correlation of infrasound and the appearance of sprites. [1]

So, to register pulse profiles of the EM wave in conjunction with the infrasound profiles would add a fundamental research experiment to the system.

The sensor could be realized by means of so-called microbarometers. That has to be evaluated. Also the effect of interferers like wind turbines en stuff.

This is just an idea, not a proposal.

What do you think, it this interesting? Feasable? Desirable? Are there people out there that have the skills (and interest) to add according algorithms to the existing software?

Or is that completely out of interest for this project?

BTW: I am connected with the LOFAR radiotelescope [2] where some stations are also equipped with infrasound detectors as a part of the infrasound array of the Dutch meteorology institute KNMI.

- Bonzo -


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