(2016-01-04, 12:19)Boumpower Wrote: Hi
I will add my interrest for infrasound and magnetic field data processing.

Think that the powerfull knowledge of lightning location (distributed sensor array) applied on other kind of sensors can give interressant results :

- earth quake, explosion, meteorite impact location, solar eclipse...
- "front" wave real-time (or playback) display on map for a given event

Best regards

Be interesting to have project like Blitzortung with meteors. Much more complicated as users would have to different tune to different existing frequencies to catch RF reflections. Works just like radar. Collaborating stations could map out entries.

Infra sound is interesting idea, there MS5611 24 bit Barometric Pressure Sensor.
I may have to get one of these and see how sensitive the senors is to sound pressures and thunder during a storm.
Also wonder how useful barometric data would be for tracking storms and weather patterns, I do use the PressureNet app on my phone to send location and barometric data to Cumulonimbus .

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