The math behind the “Effectivity L”
(2016-01-06, 22:46)Cutty Wrote: You are missing at least one additional factor involved in the math... Angel
min (Strikes / Signals(s), Signals(s) / Strikes)  
...but please note:
These calculations for the Stations listing on the Blitzortung  website
 are discussed and debated (extensively


One purpose of these 'effectivity' figures is to indicate when a station
may be sending a lot of 'noise' or 'interference' signals in relation
to actual strokes, both within the region, etc.

Note also that the 'effectivity' figures on the Stations pages
use a different 'computation' than the 'efficiency' number on
the stations network efficiency table at again, more confusion.


Hi Mike

Your reply added the missing part of the math. Thank you very much  Idea

Best regards,
Stations: 118, 587, 813, 1570

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