Decrease data usage with Blue hardware
(2016-01-14, 13:36)Tobi Wrote: It's even less, maybe 10 to 20%. It's binary data like exe or jpeg, which can not be compressed very much.

I agree, if you use simple "dictionary"-type of compression on the original signal.
But if you only store the deltas between each sample you can save some bits, since there is not much change between the samples.

For example: If i store the signal from my green station it's 256 Bytes, with default gzip it's 170 Bytes.
But if i do a delta between each sample I only need 2 or 3 bits per sample. So it's resulting in an uncompressed 64-96 Bytes.

For red stations, or blue with higher frequencies it's probably bigger, but i still think 50% is archievable, or even more if you find a way to use dynamic bits per sample.
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