Trying to understand the lightning signals
(2016-01-30, 10:01)RichoAnd Wrote: Hi,  and welcome to the group.
Everything related to lightning and lightning detection are welcome
The setup you are using is designed for long range bearing.
Your antennas can easily be used to our system, but WITHOUT tuning
Depending on the direction, the phase is shifted - therefore one can detect direction.
We use the Time Of Arrival (TOA) and uses a much wider frequency range, typically 3-30 (100) KHz. We do this to get a more accurate representation of the lightning discharge.
In your experiment, you can remove the capacitor of the antenna coil, and put a resistance of 2-3 KOhm instead. You get a weaker signal, but a more correct.
If your oscilloscope can be connected as X-Y scop, you can also try it with an antenna on each channel.

Thanks Richo great information and it gives me something to try and experiment with. I do have a Scope that does XY, my lovely Wife bought me a 4 channel Rigol for Christmas and I'm having a lot of fun learning it, so much better than my analog scopes. 

I have been reading about your systems, from green, red to blue and have to say what a great progression. Very well designed and the real time lightning maps are now my goto maps, they work so well. 

Thank you and others who have put in so much time to make a system that works so well in is so polished, can't wait to get involved in setting up a station here myself. 

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