Looking to add a station in Southeast Houston, TX area
Great, thanks for the email.  I'll check out that other forum as well (would it be better to post questions there or here?).

I guess our main questions would be:

1.  Which system do we get (I read about red & blue, but seems blue is delayed?)?  We have Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineers so I don't think we'll have any problem building it.
2.  Is it better to buy or build your own antenna?
3.  Would it be ok for the setup to go on the top of a 6 story building?
4.  Would it be beneficial to the network for our station to be added?  It would be approximately at: 29.5693918,-95.1067316 .  I only see three others in the immediate Houston area so it seems like we don't have many?
5.  I noticed while watching the lightning map that during storms in our area, it didn't seem like the closest stations were used in the calculations, is that normal?
6.  Do you get access to the other stations data (i.e. so we can analyze the data and/or make our own maps in house as well)?

I'm sure I can come up with plenty more questions but for now we're just trying to write up a small proposal for the project.  Thanks!

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