Looking to setup a new station near Barcelone
(2016-03-31, 17:47)DelandeC Wrote: Hello,

All the information are on that page : http://es.blitzortung.org/cover_your_area.php Smile

Thanks for your replay, DelandeC.

At first I read that page in diagonal (bad habit, sorry for that). Now I've read both the page at http://es.blitzortung.org/cover_your_area.php and the pdf pointed at here to completion. It can be read in the page

Quote:A detailed description about how to participate to the network and how to setup an own receiver can be found in the following document

...then comes a description of System BLUE and later on there is a PDF link. The pdf is dated May 11th, 2014. In section "2.Participating" it says

Quote:Interested people can get the needed parts from us. To participants not from Germany we sometimes also send complete kits as shown in Figure 1.

I couldn't find any other information about sources for acquiring the hardware thought I did find several notes discouraging us from designing or manufacturing our our PCBs. Did I miss something? Could you, please, point me to where the information resides?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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