Cables needed for System Blue
(2016-04-24, 11:47)MDMD Wrote: Thanks for your reply @RichoAnd !

I still have some more specific questions ;-)

Is a standard shielded ethernet cable with S/FTP shielding sufficient between H-Field amplifier and controller? 
Yes... Cat 5 or 6 shielded... recommend < about 50 feet, for example...but some use longer ...

Does the H-field amplifier need an external power supply? Or is it supplied by PoE? On the pics at the amplifier only seems to have a RJ45 jack. I saw mini USB jacks on the System Red amplifier boards.
there is only one supply for  RED or BLUE... through the USB on controller. Don't scrimp on your USB supply.  Cheapos may cause issues.  Needs to be stable, filtered well, and radiate no noise.
Power is supplied to H through the RJ45 ... must use shielded to amp. Recommend unshielded to router.
Power is supplied to E field through the coax.

Regarding a GPS antenna extension cable. I found cables rated with under 0,5 dBm/m loss at 1500 Mhz named H155 / LMR200 type. Might a 10m cable of this type would provide a signal of sufficient strength?
Shorter the better.  Blue System will NOT send signals until it gets a stable GPS

Thx Martinvfy0

Now, one of the "GOTCHAS" about these receivers:  You need to find the quietest place as far as electrical noise, especially mains, TV's dog fences, radio devices, computers... etc. Deciding on a location for your antennas may take some effort.... you normally cannot just 'put one up' and have optimum operation.  These are not plug and play. Controller location isn't 'critical', but for the H and E field assemblies, it can be very critical.


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