Question about the antena in system Blue
(2016-05-14, 23:19)BlackRockShooter Wrote: hi,
i have some questions about the antena of the blue system.

1) as i remeber right i need the h-field amplifier with the ferrite antena and i need the e-field amplier. the e-field works with a normal wire antena right???

2) were can i place those antena corectly? the h-field in my room and the e-field somwhere outside? because i only have a terace and so i dont know if the e-field antena workes there. can i place it at the attic or somewhere at the roof?? is this enought?

thank you for the help  Smile

PS: sorry for the bad english  Big Grin  Tongue
You did well with the English!
Regardless of antenna types, they should be well away from any noise makers.... you'll have to search for best location!  E field should be outside, at least a few meters above ground, as far away from buildings, power equipment, any other noise, as far as is feasible.
H Fields do fine indoors.. IF.. no light dimmers, well away from any computer equipment, various light devices, dimmers, power tools.. any thing that generates noise will turn you into a crazy person pretty quickly.
Follow the assembly instructions for BLUE and refer to the RED Document for some discussion on the antennas...

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