Question about the antena in system Blue
(2016-05-14, 23:19)BlackRockShooter Wrote: hi,
i have some questions about the antena of the blue system.

1) as i remeber right i need the h-field amplifier with the ferrite antena and i need the e-field amplier. the e-field works with a normal wire antena right???

2) were can i place those antena corectly? the h-field in my room and the e-field somwhere outside? because i only have a terace and so i dont know if the e-field antena workes there. can i place it at the attic or somewhere at the roof?? is this enought?

thank you for the help  Smile

PS: sorry for the bad english  Big Grin  Tongue

1) You don't need both antennas, you'll be fine with either an H-field or E-field antenna.
2) I might be wrong, but I believe the H-field antenna (ferrites, loop antennas etc.) CAN be placed inside and still produce good results. The E-field antenna is sensitive to noise in the electric field and should not be placed inside, the E-field can be quite noisy due to other electronics.

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