Question about the antena in system Blue
(2016-05-15, 08:10)BlackRockShooter Wrote: mhhh ok thanks for the fast answer. so i think i have to find a new location. because everywere in my room is electric noise. i dont think that 2m are enought space. or does the wall between pc (for example) and antenna block noise??

@Jorgeminator: ahhhh it works onliy with one antenna? thats interesting thank you.

and one more question....
how can i find the best location? is there a monitor were i can see the dicisive from the antenna. or do i have to upgrade the main board for the oscilloscope?

You access the system with your browser,.. all settings and visuals are in the web interface...
There is a Noise Thread at WxForum net... and much about operation, Much of what is there pertains to RED System settings, and there are some differences, but you can get an education there. You may have to join to see some attached images.

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