Antennas for System BLUE - Mini Guide
(2016-05-31, 21:30)RichoAnd Wrote: Many have questions about antennas
I made a mini guide to getting started making antennas
Corrections reserved
Good luck


...If you wish I can help with ready-wound transformers

Dear RichoAnd,

many thanks for putting together the antenna guide. I received my system BLUE yesterday and assembled it. Now I want to build the antennas

I read your guide:
I reviewed this page:
I read the documentation:
and the assembly guide:

Question 1: 75 Ohm coax loop antenna (H-Field)

Am I correct to assume that a complete coax loop antenna consists of three loops (not to be confused with wire turns)?

And the connections are:
A-1 = 1st loop conductor
A-2 = 1st loop conudctor
GND = 1st loop shielding (braid)
B-1 = 2nd loop conductor
B-2 = 2nd loop conudctor
GND = 2nd  loop shielding (braid)
C-1 = 3rd loop conductor
C-2 = 3rd loop conudctor
GND = 3rd loop shielding (braid)

Now, while all documents suggest three turns for each loop, the original instructions describe a diameter of 180 cm and your most recent guide 100 cm. Would a 180 cm diameter give a better reception? I have the attic space available. Or is 100 cm better to avoid noise etc.? What about the North South / East West directions? First loop N/S (A-1 and A2, second (B-1 and B-2) E/W and the third? Or will the arrangement be similiar to your recommendations for the ferrite rods, i.e. each loop 90° perpedicular to each other and no relation to the cardinal directions?

Question 2: ferrite rod antenna array (H-Field)

Your instructions state to arrange them 90° perpendicular to each other, while this page shows something else. Which ferrite antenna rod arrangement yields the best results?

I'm sorry for these probably very basic questions. I just want to do everything correctly.

Thank you!

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