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(2016-06-01, 06:37)DelandeC Wrote: Robo, I hope you can understand that this is not possible to translate everything in multiple languages.
Anyway, you can be the link between those early German-speaking particpants and the international forums.

We (French-speaking people) could do the same and invade the forum with tons of post in French. But no, some of us collect the information, translate it and post it on french weather-dedicated forums. And this works (by looking the growth of the network in France)!

So please, do not post in German in the English part so that everyone can understand. Smile

Hi Clément,

it is a very special situation. The project started in Germany and at the beginning the language in the forum was German. Then there were 2 forums, German and English. 2 out of 3 main developers are native German speakers, but they refuse to post in German. Too much work. If you talk to a French speaking person, do you use English?

My English is not very good, so I often use Google Translate or LEO Dictionary. Why shouldn't others use Google Translate to translate my posts in their language?

CU Robo Smile
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