Any Systems up for sale and any advice nearby Lincoln U.K (Newcomer)
(2016-06-15, 16:47)m0siy Wrote: Greetings good people 
I have threatened this for a while now so ive joined forum in order to ask does anyone havea full system for sale as would love to help the project and also is there anyone who can give laymans terms advice to me on setup advice etc etc...thankyou in advance.
Regards to all

Hi Simon...
I'm not sure what Layman's terms might mean to you... but the folks on this Forum, and others, will be glad to help. Please keep in mind that some background in weather, electronics, etc is most helpful. I'm not sure this system can be operated in "layman's terms"... there needs to be some technical background there, because this system won't "Plug 'n' Play" with maximum effectiveness...sometimes a 'bad result' is really quite simple if the background is there...  read all you can, ask for definitions... because we will use terms from the industry, and terms we've sort of 'evolved' and developed ourselves... like most of us, you'll just have to research and learn!
I'd suggest a thorough scan of the info links on "cover your area"... and a thorough reading of the forums board at may give you what you're asking... 
that board covers how the Americas Region operators gained any expertise... things are there that aren't here on the public forum,....  chances are good every question you'll see asked anywhere is already covered by that bunch of folks! 
More important than 'background' is desire and willingness... but you'll have to do some 'self-education'.... go find out what successful operators have learned, and innovated... from start to resolution of issue!  Save you a lot of headache...
Right now, kits are held up with some parts availability issues.. .  a bit later, folks might offer some RED systems for purchase, but that may take some months.


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