Any Systems up for sale and any advice nearby Lincoln U.K (Newcomer)
Hi there. I am also very interested in obtaining a system. I can build it or if part built no problem for me at all. I also hold a class one license in the UK and in Thailand where I am now.
I have had a fascination on lightning since I had a visit from zoos some 35 years ago now. And let me tell you it F------g harts. I was lucky and just have some marks on my neck and back and a fond memory of flying thought the air with the greatest of ease.
Anyway that’s another story.
We only have one detector here in Thailand and that is in BKK and I would like to make that two.
So if anyone can help me please let me know.


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RE: Any Systems up for sale and any advice nearby Lincoln U.K (Newcomer) - by sparky - 2016-08-17, 07:58

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