System Blue - Digital Filter Pin 1 Identification
(2016-06-18, 13:33) Wrote:
(2016-06-18, 13:19)Shadow Panther Wrote:
(2016-06-18, 13:00) Wrote: I am trying to figure out the Pin: 1 location on the Digital Filter IC: LTC1569-7 for a System Blue build. There is no point at one corner of the housing. See image below. Could someone help identify the Pin: 1 location. Thank you and appreciate it.

By the datasheet, it should have a wedge along one side - that side is pins 1-4 (counter-clockwise), the other side is 5-8.

So from the image above would you agree that wedge is on the left side and Pin: 1 is in the upper left-hand corner?

Yes, it seems so.
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