System Blue - Digital Filter Pin 1 Identification
(2016-06-18, 15:23)Dale.Reid Wrote: Pardon me for butting in, but reading about BLUE construction I'm interested.

Is this photo taken from the bottom of the chip with the little pins projecting up towards the viewer, or is the perspective such that the feet ar actually down towards the surface it is resting on? 

For some reason as I look at the chip it looks like it was placed flat surface down with the legs up towards the camera.

That would make a heck of a difference, too.

Just asking before you solder expensive stuff to a hard to remove spot.



Thanks for your interest. The photo is taken from the top of the chip. I used by Samsung Galaxy S5 using a magnifier app. The legs are down away from the camera.

Do you agree then that Pin: 1 is in the upper left-hand corner?

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