System Blue - Digital Filter Pin 1 Identification
Hello Delande
my station is up and running since 2 days Smile
and i guess i have too high noises and have to make some improovments. but which one Huh
in a few day i'll get the Voltage regulator extension for the PCB-21 - dont know if that will decrease my noise-Level or not.

my actual settins are like in the picture below:
on Channel A i have 36 - 66 mVpp
on Channel B i have 17 - 24 mVpp
on Channel C i had 13 - 14 mVpp - but this morning i had 320 - 440mVpp so that i decrased the Gain till i had 15 - 20 mVpp.. in this case the noise is variable..
are those levels high? or ok?

but sure i'll ground the controller and hope the noise will go down.
my power-supply is quite normal and i think it isnt that "clean and silent". could you recomand me a clean and silent one?

thx a lot

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RE: System Blue - Digital Filter Pin 1 Identification - by Patrick - 2016-07-20, 10:57

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