System Blue - Digital Filter Pin 1 Identification
(2016-07-20, 10:57)Patrick Wrote: Hello Delande
my station is up and running since 2 days Smile
and i guess i have too high noises and have to make some improovments. but which one Huh
in a few day i'll get the Voltage regulator extension for the PCB-21 - dont know if that will decrease my noise-Level or not.

my actual settins are like in the picture below:
on Channel A i have 36 - 66 mVpp
on Channel B i have 17 - 24 mVpp
on Channel C i had 13 - 14 mVpp - but this morning i had 320 - 440mVpp so that i decrased the Gain till i had 15 - 20 mVpp.. in this case the noise is variable..
are those levels high? or ok?

but sure i'll ground the controller and hope the noise will go down.
my power-supply is quite normal and i think it isnt that "clean and silent". could you recomand me a clean and silent one?

thx a lot

Show us a screenshot of your signal graph. Let's see what sort of noise you've got. Apple power supplies, especially the 2.4A, are nice.
The voltage regulator extension will most likely not improve the noise levels.
Where do you keep your station?
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