Identifying which controller I'm looking at
While it may seem trivial, or even 'why would he want this", I'm wondering if the BLUE web page generated by the controller could display the "" header in the color Blue, since the RED controller generated page shows the in Red color when it comes up.

I know that seeing various colors really varies for each person and each screen.

But now with two different systems up, it would be easier to see at a glance which controller I had addressed and was looking at various settings, etc.

Seems very lazy on my part to not know which controller I had opened to look at settings, etc, but this would be a nice classy touch to make the Blue controller be, well, blue!

Thanks for considering.


1505 for my new Blue.
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Good Idea...
[Image: contlegend.jpg]

My pet peeve with web GUI is the low contrast grey fonts.. bad for bad eyes...

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I agree. 

I've done a few projects for folks (and a little pay) and what looks good to my eyes really bombs depending on their monitor type, age, and sex along with color blindness.

A tough call, but the grey is associated with 'greyed-out' which generally means you can see that there is something there, but is diminished so you don't try changing it or as a signal something that allows you to change it, isn't enabled.

For the developers, who no doubt are overwhelmed as usual with all sorts of demands and the clamor for getting stations out, it would be nice to see a couple of mock ups to see what users think.

The for Blue controllers and for the Red systems seems pretty straightforward.  After all, the little symbol for the lightning bolt is red for Red and blue for Blue in my bookmark bar in FireFox, so there was some thought in differentiating them.

The colors for the fill in boxes is tougher, since colors other than grey are hard to see, too.  And the choices I'd like to see tried would be just plain old black text vs. the grey color, since the values are all in little boxes, or choice drop downs anyway. 

Just a thought.  And how wonderful the whole project is, really, when we can be mainly concerned about the colors!
Stations: 976, 1505
I don't have for testing other layouts/colors right now. In case you want changes in the layout, you can give me suggestions via css definitions.

For distinguishing own stations, just click on the station id (below the clock) and the id will be shown in the tab.
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