Does BLUE need shielded ferrites?
let's say I'm not in a real quite situation. I have 2 problems around me, a small and a huge one (powerwise)

about 300 m east me a power fence ticking each second with around 10Kv ... 
same east region about 68 km from me a very heavy VLF emitter from the french navy used to communicate with subs .. no clue the power that spits out but the antenna is about 380 m high .. it is 62.6 Khz

I can't proof scientifically that the shielding is making a huge difference but noise level drops a bit and my ratio's are better with shielding .. maybe it makes just enough difference so algorythms from BO can filter out the background ... 
Tonight I added a a third ferrite (an old one with different dia and didn't connect the shield to the board, still in tube with shielding but not connected)

it is 45° between the two others right now ... let's see how it behaves now.  

channel a & b are 200 mm, dia 15 and shielded : 90° apart
channel c is 200, ia 12 and shield isn't connected to earth, +/- 45° between a and b

For now station runs in automatic mode, let's stabilise it a few hours (and maybe wait the huge storms up north cool down a bit) and see how the noise underneath is for the three ferrites
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