A few questions from a new user/station

Just got station 1523 up and running yesterday with ferrites and have a few questions.

1: On my statistics it says that maximum distance was 9142,6km and this is with my to 20cm ferrites placed randomly indoors. Was I really lucky with placement or is this normal and can expect to improve futher with experimentation?

2: I first booted my station at different location about 1km from where it is today. The map of stations has not updated. Do I need to do something to update the station location?

3: How do I get access to the "login" area and restricted forums?

4: Where do I update the station information? Now in the station list it only says 1523 with no info in country, comment or city.


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A few questions from a new user/station - by mckajvah - 2016-06-29, 09:28

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