Fault LED indicates fault
(2016-09-15, 16:33)elythomaslumber Wrote:
(2016-09-15, 09:41)Bergkvar Wrote:
(2016-09-14, 11:00)elythomaslumber Wrote:
(2016-09-13, 09:29)LennartJ Wrote: i have the same problem but it´s the alarm red is on all the time ??

the other LED's? they ar ok
What about the Web-GUI, can you read the system status on the browser, how do i do that?
no interference.

Aehmmm, you never did any configuration on the embedded web-server  of the system?

Maybe there is a misunderstanding...

- Check your router and find out what IP adress your System Blue got
- type in the IP adress in your browser
- you should see now the WEB-GUI and all information or configuration tabs
- see also here: http://de.blitzortung.org/cover_your_area.php?session=1  ; download the manual and read beginning of page 69
- maybe you did not disable AMP1 or AMP2 if there is no antenna connected to any of the input terminals?

Good luck!

Thank i find it now its working fine now
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