Server Hardware?

I just discovered this nice project! Good job! Smile

I saw, that you need much power for computing the data you get from the stations. Since I have access to several servers with decent hardware (up to Skylake Xeons) and good internet connections (Gbit) I just wanted to ask: Is there any need in more server hardware running in datacenters?

If this sounds interesting, please contact me. I think I can organize some "stuff" without monthly fees and with cheap one-time fees, maybe even for free.
Hmm ok, seems to be no interest in it Smile
Hi Toppy
You can not be sure Egon reads all posts in the forum - please email him

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Thanks for your offer Toppy. So far we have enough server power. However, you can contact us via mail and give us some details, in case we need more power in the future.

Thanks and best regards
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