Interesting strikes in Canada where there's no storm!
(2016-08-25, 10:06)Tobi Wrote: I think there was lightning. Satellite image shows clouds and WWLLN also detected a strike. Smile

Other false positive detections can happen due to specific "bad" constellations of station/signals. Man made electricity is not powerful enough for our stations, unless you place them very close to it (maybe a few kilometers).

Hi Tobi,
Thanks for answering back!
You look like you're using the 25th of Aug, I was looking at the weather at the 23 of Aug at 11:29, 11:34, and 11:39 AM CST.

It was a clear day with one . The Canadian radar shows nothing around winnipeg during that time period (
And GEOS shows no clouds around Winnipeg (there's a powerful storm in the north however)

There are a number of strikes the VAISILA network caught as well as our network in the same time frame about 300 km away. (see lightning in Manitoba picture - it's a GIS file of all the strikes that day)

Might be an interesting thing to check out.

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