PoE recommendations for System Blue
(2016-09-04, 21:14)Allsorts Wrote: I don't use the TL-POE150S injector but a Phihong POE16R-1AFG (http://www.phihong.co.uk/product/poe16r-...t-phihong/). I like these units as they are a single box solution, not a two box (wall wart and injector) one. I suspect my Blue System will be placed in a remote location and using PoE makes doing that very simple.With the TL-POE10R available for GBP9.99 from Maplin (in the UK) not overly expensive.

Well my Blue system arrived a few days ago and is temporally setup. Been chasing a noise source that occurs every 25 kHz up the band on a HF communications receiver. Tracked down to a poor quality USB power supply, have selected the best I have but with the H-Field loops (38 cm 20 turn) connected the noise floor is around 50 mV mostly of this interference instead of the 20 mV or so of "just noise" with the antennae disconnected. Further work required probably involving a battery to confirm "silent" noise levels with antenna conecceted.

Probably wanting to use PoE I also tried the above combination of splitter and injector. It powered up and worked, with no measurable voltage between the chassis/ground of the controller board and the house supply earth. I suspect that issue of the spliter not being isolated only rears it's head when the power source feeding it is grounded. The Phihong injector is not grounded, so the supply is floating with respect to ground.

Unfortunately even though it powered up it's not a workable PoE solution. The noise was horrendous, one channel was permanently over the 120 mV trigger level! I also think that the system crashed when I tried to change from manual to automatic.

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