New Station Aerials and Noise Chasing
(2016-10-03, 17:45)RichoAnd Wrote: The filter attenuation is 57dB at 1.5 times f(CUTOFF),and 60dB at 2 times f(CUTOFF)
My guess is -20dB at 19,6KHz with a 16KHz filter


60 dB/octave pretty damn steep. I'm a broadcast sound engineer so understand filters in dB/octave.

-20 is about what I saw bit difficult to get a really accurate reading as everything is bouncing around so a certain amount of "averaging by eye" was going on. Rolleyes

The 16.4 kHz carrier and bearing match with JXN, Noviken, Norway, 1000 miles away.

With there basically being no storms over Europe at the moment I'm pleased that I've got a low signal count, just over 100 for the last hour. That was in manual, switched to Auto and that has wound the gain up on a couple of channels giving them noise floors around 60 mV which I think is a bit high, the signal count has certainly gone up. These signals are very small only just hitting the default 120 mV threshold in auto, they don't quite make it in manual with the lower gain and noise floor nearer 50 mV.

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