H-Field antenna for system BLUE
Just throwing my experience out there - I'm in an urban area, but had the complete opposite results. My H-fields are often hopping between 800 and 2000 gain with a ~40-60mV noise floor, where my E-field is a consistent 6000 gain and 20mV noise. I had issues with massive interference on the H-fields a few weeks ago (with the signal also showing up on, but not triggering the E-field) but that seems to have gone away so I'm running all 3 antennas quite effectively.

The E-field is extremely easy to test if you have access to some quad shield coax with F-connectors (or can buy a short length) and a piece of wire. I had poor results with the PCB antenna, but a 10cm piece of 1.25mm2 enameled copper wire worked quite well.
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