Small bug in Blue settings 83b2...
(2016-10-08, 13:54)kriu Wrote: @elythomaslumber
Trigger levels in your station are different for positive and negative values.
The signals do not oscillate around zero. Does your system (controller) is grounded?

Hi kriu,

thanks for your hint!  My controller is grounded including the metal box. The different trigger levels were a result of my experiments with all the different settings and values in manual mode.
It's a lot of work to find optimal settings. Takes a lot of time and unfortunately the weather conditions will change slowly and therefore the result of new settings can only be seen after many hours or days.

This morning I was very disappointed about the overnight results Sad  and have reset to fully automatic mode but with HP filters on.
Fortunately the efficiency is raising to normal levels I had the days before and also fortunately there is another system 1km away from my location I'm using as a reference where I'm normally a little bit better.

Kriu, very nice web-page and great system installation from your side!!! Hope you find time to translate into English Big Grin  ...lot of work ... Rolleyes
73 de Hartmut / DK5LH

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