H field big difference in gain
(2016-10-12, 20:22)DrRobin Wrote: I am aware of switch mode psu problems and they usually operate at a frequency in range of the detector, so it would always be best to keep them well away from the H field antenna.

Almost everything has a switched mode power supply of one form or another these days. I don't think they radiate much magnetically so distance from the H field wouldn't be critical. E field on the other hand... Most PSU problems with the controller board are down to noise on the supply rails getting carried straight in.

(2016-10-12, 20:39)DrRobin Wrote: I must have had a senior moment earlier, my best gain is actually north/south, not east/west, so I was looking at potential noise sources all wrong.  Houses on my road run east/west and Newcastle upon Tyne is 12km to the east with all sorts of noise sources.  At least this explains why I pick lightning to the south quite well whereas I don't think I detect to the east as well.

You'll notice I was very careful not to say where the null was for ferrites or loops. Loops have the null when the flat face is facing the source. I think ferrites are different.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne 12 km east does that make you new station 1645? I'm also a new station, 1627 near Alston. If you think Newcastle is noisy you ought see how big the signals are that I get from Anthorn on 19.6 kHz and Skelton on 22.1 kHz. I can also see Noviken 16.4 kHz and Rosnay on 18.3 kHz (or 20.9 or 21.7, it moves about). I really only know about Noviken and Rosnay from seeing the spikes on the tablets Frequency Analyser display. If you do plug your iPhone in it would be interesting to see what get from each of those transmitters.

Stations: 1627

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