H field big difference in gain

Surface elevation plots are on-line at http://www.solwise.co.uk/wireless-elevationtool.html

I swapped out my 5v PSU for a USB battery and all of the E field noise at 38kHz and 76kHz disappeared. I then tried a nice looking 5v PSU with the correct plug from an old music player (creative zen), it looked well made and had a nice big ferrite on the DC cable. It was just as bad as the first PSU, although the frequency was higher.

I then tried an iPad PSU, which looked very clean. Then a USB charger I had to buy at an airport when I forgot my charger, also good. Finally I have a PC in the summerhouse, it's a Dell with a good metal case and high powered USB outputs, that works well too.

So currently my system blue is now plugged in to my Dell.

At the same time, I have also switched off the HP filter, it seem to be turned on by default, and this seems to have increased the signal to noise ratio on both E and H field inputs.

All in all, it is looking a fair bit better.

I just need to look at directional loops now.


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