H field big difference in gain

Just read your 'New Station post' with interest. I hadn't realised that Anthorn also transmitted 60kHz. I see what you mean about noise. I am going to have to look at the spectrum of my signals carefully as one of my loops picks something up around 60kHz and I am sure it is the loop pointing towards Anthorn.

I currently have my loops arranged North/South (null towards Anthorn) and roughly North West/South East. The second loop is a compromise between coverage in to central Europe and reducing the pick up from Anthorn. This combination seems to work reasonably well. Facing the second Antenna East/West doesn't make too many detections. Perhaps the same would work for you?

I have also been fiddling with the HP filter on and off. It is currently on and seems to improve the stroke rate, although everything I read suggests it should be off unless 50Hz is a problem, which it isn't here.

My E-field antenna noise has reduced with the change in PSU, but it is the worst performing antenna of the three. Perhaps it is not high enough? My system blue is currently back in the summerhouse and the PC is already there (automated night sky camera/weather station), so it's USB ports are for free.

If I move my system blue back in to the loft (perhaps tomorrow) then I will be back to the iPad PSU. I have to use a wireless router to link either summerhouse or loft to my main router so need power for this as well.

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