H field big difference in gain
I think it's easy to get a bit paranoid over interference and noise. I have to do something about Anthorn and Skelton as they are so blooming loud and more or less within the range of frequencies we are interested in. I'm less worried about Noviken and Rosnay as they are not very strong or MSF on 60 kHz from Anthorn or GYN2 on 81 kHz from Inskip as they are well out of the band of real interest.

One loop will have its null split between Skelton/Anthorn, the only way to have at least one capable of hearing anything else. ATM all three loops are on the same frame and arranged at 90 degrees to each other, so the other vertical loop gets the full "benefit" of Skelton/Anthorn. After yesterdays little play it needs rewinding... I think it will get rewound onto another frame and I'll make another mount/bearing for it.

E field is connected but doesn't do a lot but then it's in the loft, nearer horizontal than vertical and the controller isn't grounded. I'm not sure orientation makes a great deal of difference as the E field is more of a sensor/probe than a real receiver. As it's a sensor/probe adding a reference ground is probably a good idea, provided it's a fairly "clean" ground. Ours probably is as it's derived at the pole carrying the transformer that feeds only us, all be it with a combined N-E from the pole to house.

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