Future SW feature "Mobile phone notification on..."?
(2016-11-01, 05:12)piepants Wrote: There's already a feature on LightningMaps.org to have it send e-mails when a specified number of strokes is detected within a certain range of set coordinates, I've been using this myself to get alerted when a storm is nearby so I can set up for photography. See the "user area" tab and "stroke alerts".

It would be good to have push notifications to mobiles as an option rather than e-mail though, it would (possibly) use less data and definitely be less clutter in my inbox.

I tried a little bit around with THINGSPEAK (https://thingspeak.com/) as a temporary workaround using ThingHTTP. Using ThingHttp it is possible to fetch specific data from a webpage like Blitzortung and "parse" it. I tried it with Firefox (embedded Firebug and Firepath) to extract the xpath. This information can be used to trigger a PROWL push notification.

Some basic information how to fetch data from a web-page can be found here: http://techiesms.com/blog/fetching-data-...pberry-pi/

My results were not very satisfying. Sad  The ThingHTTP parser is not working well. I can parse some values but most of them not or I get a wrong result. Sad

The push notification with ThingHTTP is working well. I got a notification triggered with ThingHTTP on my iPad with installed PROWL App.

For those who are more experienced like me and interested here's my idea for a work-around until maybe in future a developer is willing to go a way like native support of PROWL or similar:

1. ThingHTTP fetches specific data from the Blitzortung webpage or from the SystemBlue server webpage
2. the data will be processed by a server like on a Raspberry Pi or with ThingSpeak Mathlab...
3. If a value is exceeded ThingHTTP will trigger PROWL (or a similar App) and a notification is pushed to a mobile phone
(4. or to trigger any other stuff like warning lamp in the living room if more and more lighning strikes are deteced in closer range, or or or... Big Grin )
73 de Hartmut / DK5LH

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