Lightning oscillations
What is the cause of the "W" shape in my lightning signal? Is it real or is there a resonance in my antenna? Sometimes there are more cycles but the spacing is consistent, around 10 kHz. I don't see this curve in any articles about lightning physics, though some show oscillations but very rough.

I have seen this curve in other nearby station's data but I do not know their antenna setup. I have 4 turns on a 1-meter X-frame, no transformer, directly connected to the external H-amplifier. Turn spacing is about 2 mm.

Because of bad noise I have the low-pass filter installed, but I have seen the same curves without the filter during lucky stretches when the noise stops.

All the strikes are 2500 km or more from me, so maybe the curve is explained by different frequencies taking different paths. I will have to wait until summer to see the shape of closer strikes.

I will try to attach an image from

Jim Lucke
Saimaanharju Finland

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