What is good station quality?
Thanks you for your time and the reply. I'm slowing taking in all of this new information and deciding which parts are useful in helping me tweak my station. I'll keep reading posts in the forum here as I learn.

I agree that it's fun to see your station turn purple when it see strokes far away. I've detected strokes as far away as Oklahoma from my station in West Michigan. It's great to see that.

My station was working great for hours and hours yesterday afternoon, but all of a sudden in the evening my loops started picking up interference at around 12kHZ solid! I let it go for awhile to see if it went away and then confirmed that it wasn't anything in my wiring. I'll look for some posts on the forum to see about figuring out how to find that next. I'm also seeing it on the E-field antenna too, so I'm thinking it might be local in the area.
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