What is good station quality?
(2017-03-29, 18:06)allsorts Wrote:
(2017-03-28, 16:02)cbhiii Wrote: I agree that it's fun to see your station turn purple when it see strokes far away. I've detected strokes as far away as Oklahoma from my station in West Michigan. It's great to see that.

My station was working great for hours and hours yesterday afternoon, but all of a sudden in the evening my loops started picking up interference at around 12kHZ solid!

How far is Oklahoma to West Michigan?...

12 kHz is a bit low for a VLF transmiiter. Neighbours power line ethernet? Do you have a smart phone, a spectrum analyser app and feeding one of the channel amps listen points into the headeset/microphone input maye give a bit more of a clue about the signal. Is it a pure carrier or or does it have some modulation as well.

You have loops, they have a very sharp and deep null along the axis they are would (ie signal hitting the flat of the coil). By slowly rotating a loop on a vertical axis passing the windings you miight be able to get a line along which the source lies. Monitoring either the noisefloor in the web interface or on the spectrum analyiser app for *minimum* interfering signal. I do mean slowly as well, my 20 turn 30 cm loops have a null that is very deep(*) but narrow 10 degrees or so.

(*) Accurately aimed at one of the nearby VLF transmitters its deep enough to almost totaly eliminate that signal that is otheriwse so big it swamps the reciever.

I found my interferers. I have 3 (so far) and they are all in my home. They turned out to be 3 different light dinners: Z-wave, normal dimmer, outdoor motion sensor switch. I'll be working on replacing those in the coming days.

West MI to OK is about 950 miles. I'm very pleased with a detector area of 1000 miles. As I make sure the noise is gone, I'll start tweaking my settings over the coming weeks to see which gives me the highest strike ratio vs. signals sent. I'll find a happy medium. Can't wait.

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