Station in Brazil
(2017-08-19, 09:15)maruta Wrote: Would be nice some stations in Brazil!
I installed this week a station in Chile and is already getting some strokes detected of central and north America.
A few more in Brazil and we could get located strokes in South America, specially in the Amazonas, there is a LOT of lightning activity!
Sadly, @cmcedric had 2 stations in running in Brazil, but the he moved back to Europe and took the stations with him.
I saw in another forum post that somebody wanted to install a station in the Falkland islands, I don't know if something happened with this?

Hi Armando,

I have the same problem in Portugal. I would like to know who are the stations owners to share knowledge between us and try to get more installed stations here.
I created a facebook group and try to find the owners. GPS location help us ;-)
We already made a successful crowdfunding to buy one station. Now we have 15 working stations and We want continue to increase the number os installed stations.

Since I start to collect strike activity around Portugal on a local database I implemented also some facebook group alert msg, when station are down.

Paulo Sérgio
Stations: 1873, 1921

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