Device security (against hacking)
(2017-05-14, 12:02)Kellogs Wrote: Hardware is from, so it is quite easy to fork a firmware using ST tools.
Is firmware upgrade protected by password in administration page?

The Blitzortung operational Firmware is proprietary to Blitzortung Org, and is available only to licensed, registered operators and if it were 'forked' or stolen, there are 'cross checks' on Blitzortung server preventing unauthorized station connections. Only the registered user can access the Bitzortong server station settings, and no system will function on the network unless those are set properly. . The local Controller access is controlled by each specific operator who controls access to controller admin. When ordered the system will come with latest stable FW release installed.

Kellogs does NOT speak for or represent Blitzortung Org, developers, operators, or moderators of this forum.

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