Device security (against hacking)
(2017-05-14, 12:02)Kellogs Wrote: Hardware is from, so it is quite easy to fork a firmware using ST tools.
Is firmware upgrade protected by password in administration page?

Hey Kellogs,

You appear really interested in the project and it's capabilities. I would suggest that you purchase and install a sensor so you can learn what goes into siting it, and the work involved with maintaining it. It's what we call "baby steps". While some of the "product" of the project is publicly visible, much of it is not. What is out there publicly isn't intended for anything other than use as a novelty.

This is the very reason that those of us that are members of the project haven't gone forward with some of the things that you have proposed in the couple of days since you have discovered Blitzortung. It's also the reason that "sponsors" should have no interest in funding any part of the project. There is nothing in it for them, and there shouldn't be. There are commercial entities that provide lightning data. We do not compete with them, and do nothing that they do, and do many things that they do not do. I happen to host a sensor for one of the commercial providers also. 

If you are interested in "filling gaps", just put "host a lightning sensor" in google or the equivalent in addition to purchasing and installing one of these.

To get back to the context of your post. While anything can be reverse engineered, there's really not much reason to hack the station firmware. There's no OS. It's function is really simple... precision timestamp, and send a sample of digitized analog waveform upon being triggered to do so by the contents of that sampled waveform. The equipment is intended to be protected from the Internet behind NAT or another firewall, so no vulnerabilities there.
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