Wikipedia page (minimal)
(2017-05-14, 12:52)Cutty Wrote:
(2017-05-13, 07:14)Kellogs Wrote: Dear friends,

I added a minimal Wikipedia page, which is presently under review:

If / When research institutes query the WWW, they will probably look at a Wikipedia page.
Please note I am not a wikipedia editor, so if you feel something should be added to the Wikipedia page, feel free to add it.

Kind regards,

Kellogs does NOT speak for or represent Blitzortung Org, developers, operators, or moderators of this forum.

I can only echo what Cutty has said here - Kellogs has no connection with Blitzortung in any way and thus, does NOT and CANNOT speak for or represent Blitzortung Org.

Having said that, creating a Wikipedia on a subject that one obviously has no knowledge of, is tantamount to fraud and is misleading to anyone who reads the posting. While Blitzortung does encourage persons interested in lightning detection to get involved by purchasing their own Blitzortung detector unit, it is unacceptable for any forum member to make fraudulent posts, or to create Wikipedia documents with a topic of which they have no knowledge.

I will also add that the Wikipedia document submission by Kellogs has officially been "DECLINED" as of 13 May 2017.
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