Iranian and Farsi speakers, please post here (in English)
This is a dedicated forum post here for people from IRAN.
When they are enough users, we will open a direct link to website/forum in farsi.


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Thank you Nodi for contacting us.
This was my post on RIPE forum, thanks for catching it.

This is great to have you on the forum and discuss about lightning detection in your country.

I double-checked and restrictions from E.U. to Iran are over:

Please make sure there are no restrictions with customs while importing (on Iranian side) and try to look "in advance".
About Iran, keep in mind that there should be at least 4 stations in the country. After installing first station, we encourage you  to help installation of other stations to go quickly. It is discouraging for people to see a station running during years without success. We encourage you to start a small web page and try to aggregate people around you and maybe research institutes. After 3 or more people register, we can link to your forum or webpage. Use Facebook or equivalent and try to create a small group of interested people

I am rather new on the forum, but I read that Egon had hardware in stock for empty zones.
Maybe he we pick-up your request ... I am not in his shoes.

Welcome on board anyway.

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