(2017-05-15, 19:21)adampl Wrote: Hi Guys!

I have bought a RED detector from another user.
He has forgotten login data to blitzortung, he doesn't even remember if it has ever been connected online - how to recover that?
Is that possible to add new user on that hardware?

What is worse, there is probably some error with the detector - the LCD screen is dead/dark/empty, but some diodes glow with the red light.
Someone had suggested for me to try to install new firmware for RED system.
Is that OK?
How can I download the firmware without the login/pass data??

I sincerely hope that you will spare sometime to answer the questions above
I'm looking forward to hearing from you
Check your PM for some specifics,...
basically this requires you to email Egon requesting a User ID,... you'll then be able to login and register the RED under your name. You'll then be able to access other info, including the firmware downloads from the Project Area 'compendium' tab.  If the display won't light, it's possible that it's turned off... Access the controller GUI with a computer, and look under the Settings Page for LCD settings.

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