(2017-05-16, 04:34)adampl Wrote: @Cutty

Thank you for your reply but there is still a problem.
Device doesn't respond, LCD is dead - nothing is displayed and the LAN doesn't work - it's not even connected to network so I can't read device id.
I think I should update firmware because nothing is working for me.
How to download last firmware for RED?

"I think I should update firmware because nothing is working for me."
If your unit is dead, access to firmware will do you no good....
we do not post firmware in the public forum.

I told you in the PM I sent what was required to register, and obtain firmware.
And that obviously in your case cannot be completed if the unit is dead.
An inadequate power supply also could be an issue.

You need to contact the previous owner,
or find an operator who can help you troubleshoot this system
This cannot be done in this venue.

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