Smooth trace, smooth spectrum - strange
(2017-05-19, 23:38)hp3ak2 Wrote: I am a new user for 3 days now.  I notice that a few of my reporting waveforms and spectrum plots are what I would call "very smooth" compared to most reports from my station and all other stations that I have viewed....

This signal certainly does not come from lightning. This is a disturbance from a nearby electrical appliance. Do these types of signals appear in series a dozen or several dozen signals per seconds?
Besides, your stations capture extremely a lot of bad signals and only a small percentage of them really are from lightning.
I suggest to significantly reduce the gain - 2-3 times. The amount of sending signals to the server should not exceed 20,000 per hour during a strong storm and 3,000 per hour during a period of low storm activity. You will see that the amount of correct detected signals from the lightning does not decrease significantly.

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