Buying a receiver
Looking to set up a receiver to connect to the Blitzortung network.  Been looking at prices but keep getting different amounts in the prices.

So can anyone supply me with a ball park figure as to how much it will cost for the receiver.  The pricing and all the rest is getting my head to ache. Huh 

Thanks in dvance.
Here is the order list with the last prices.

To buy a reciever, leave your email at

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The basic kit of parts (PCBs, through hole components, etc) is EUR 180. Payment in Euro only.

You will then need to add a GPS antenna, 5 V DC (Mini USB or PoE to 5V splitter) power supply and cabeling for antenna head amps, ethernet, etc. The GPS antenna I got via Amazon and a seller in Hong Kong for GBP 2.20 delivered (took about 2 weeks), works fine, now GBP 2.68 <>. You may have USB power supply but note the plug needs to be a mini USB not a micro USB as used by most phone chargers. I went for a PoE solution, GBP 9.99 (Maplin UK) for a TP-Link TL-POE10R splitter, required a PSU filter, so a couple of chokes added about GBP 3.00, already had PoE injector.

Your choice of H field antenna (loop or ferrite) and what you have lying about to construct them with governs their cost. My H-field loops cost me nothing as I had suitable wire, timber, hooks and the bits to make the rotatable bearings "lying about". I had to buy a cable gland and a couple of waste water stop ends to house the E-field, maybe GBP 10.00.

Depending on your location you may need the optional filter ICs but until you have a working receiver your won't really know.
My location means I've had to install the filter chips, IIRC I managed to get four for less than GBP 50.00 delivered.

Finally theres is a nice custom case. However that doesn't have space for PoE splitter, power supply filter etc a "Really Useful" box does, had to buy that, another GBP 10.00 ish.

So my station cost EUR 180 plus EUR 12 delivery plus 2% paypal = EUR 195.84 (approx GBP 168.00) plus around GBP 85.00 as above = GBP 253.00 including the GBP 50.00 of filter chips.

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