Registered, but faaarrrrr down the list
(2017-06-06, 12:51)MarcDek Wrote: Hi all,

Have you, per chance, considered a map showing areas of interest?

I've just indicated my interest in a receiver (I want to put together the whole shebang), but it might (at rank 2347) be years before I'll reach the "interested" point. I can fully understand if you have an area flooded with receivers that it will prove of no further value getting another, but there is nothing on the site (that I found) to indicate whether there is value in registering interest.

(Milton Keynes, UK)

You can view a coverage map at

The network WANTS as many stations as possible, no matter what the area!
Keep your interest up! You may not be aware of it, but this system would be
beautiful if all locations were 'noise free', using the same exact antennas, e.g. and stations were
50 KM or less distant from each other, and set to run detection <1000 KM or so!
Remember that no station is independent... it's a NETWORK... more stations, more coverage
the more accurate, more reliable, it becomes!
in any given area at any given time, stations will be 'offline' or
in designed interference mode, and high station density is important!

So keep your interest alive!
Not every one on the list will actually place an order!
The number of requests from 'no' or 'low' coverage areas isn't that high!

Kits are prepared with these general priorities, however...
1.  Replacement of an older GREEN system.
2.  Replacement of a damaged or failed RED or BLUE system.
3.  Orders to areas of no or low station density / coverage
  3a.  The occasional special inquiry from a scientific or research institution such as NASA, ESA, NOAA, etc
4.  NEW Orders actually made from the 'interest' list in order of date received.

Remember that BLITZORTUNG is an evolving, experimental scientific project, not a 'commercial' system.
Once in awhile, a production run will have a modification, or design change, which may 'delay' shipments a few weeks, especially if firmware updates are necessary... some runs may require a brief 'operational' test before shipping begins...  the next run, for example, will have a slight modification in component placement, but 'field testing' isn't likely required.



Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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