Registered, but faaarrrrr down the list
(2017-06-06, 14:59)MarcDek Wrote: Mike,

Thanks for the detailed response - much appreciated.

Thanks too for the link to the map.

My interest will remain, that I can assure you of, especially as I come from a country (SA) where lightning was the order of the day - I am actually very experienced in lightning protection. I'm glad I am as not long ago, a house about 100 metres away from ours lost its roof to lightning (I was in my lab - ok, garage converted into a lab - when the strike clobbered; grief, it was loud!). Lost no equipment of my own.

I'm also well versed in noise, and it will be interesting to see if I can get the noise levels to an acceptable level.

Anyway, I await the notification of the chance to purchase.

All the best,

You might find these links, and that forum board interesting... join us there:
Noise as we learned to live with it in the Americas :
Link to the board itself...
You'd have to register as member to see any imagery that is 'attached' though a lot is imbedded...
Though most of the discussions relate to "learning system RED", the principles apply to BLUE
just some of the specs and design discussion is slightly different. You'll be ready for anything
if you digest that board... also when you get active, you'll have access to the internal boards
here at BT forum, where discussions take a different flavor as opposed to this "Public" board.


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