Digital lowpass filter
That is a very impressive build and construction!
I was rather attracted to this post... apologies if this reply seems condescending or whatever...
Now, do one thing... examine that board very closely, after insertion in the metal case, for any possible
shaving from the 'screw drills' that might be present!

The fact that you've spent some time with 'tracking noise' and with 'effecting resolution' is what this project is all about.!! 
welcome aboard!

 NOW, what have your learned so far?  Lightning  Do you know why reducing filter Bandwidth reduced your 'noise' ? Do you understand why higher freqs might be important for nearby strokes? (even though data may not be used presently.) Why does lower bandwidth enable you to receive more distant signals better?  Shouold the 'lower bandwidth' improve 'near signal detection and location' or perhaps 'diminish' possibilities for such parameters as 'power', 'polarity', etc?  What's a skywave?  What's a groundwave?  What's a spacewave?  What's a 'zero crosiing'?

Yeah, this is a friendly 'teaser'.... You seem pretty sharp... think about it... Rolleyes  Let's have some fun... Idea

Go For it!

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