need comment for signal quality
(2017-07-19, 11:20)allsorts Wrote: The LP filter requires the optional chips to be installed and to be honest that little bit of noise around 120 kHz I'd not worry about. Take a look at my station for noise/interference. Currently unfiltered in manual, equal gains but with higher threshold for the second channel.

What I do find curious from your station is that only Ch1B (yellow on LMO) is predominantly reported with only the occasional Ch1A (red). The red channel also appears to have a large spike a bit above 20 kHz that doesn't appear on the other channel. And when the red channel does appear it's signal doesn't really match that on the yellow. OK they rarely do match but are normally a similar shape with the peak levels different, the phase isn't important. Something not quite right with the antennas?

Dear Dave,
thank you very much for your comment, two antenna attached each other with tape 90 degrees angle (sea attached picture), I have placed antenna to top of non-working satellite dish towards to round area of dish, could it be the reason of signal quality? and there are some air-condition engines are approx. 3 meters away from the antenna, but you mentioned that only Ch1A is effected that confused me.


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